Thanksgiving 2016

With Thanksgiving upon us, we just wanted to share a few thoughts, things on our mind here at

We’re thankful for another year gone by, with our health and safety. And the health and safety of those close to us.

We’re thankful for the honor of another year, serving the communities we work in, and the customers we serve through this and our other business ventures.

We’re thankful for the taxpayers, that pay our salaries, that allow us to provide for our families.

We’re thankful for the experiences this job presents us with, the things we get to see that most will never understand.

We’re thankful for another year of friendships, old and new, with those we have had the pleasure to serve with.

We are forever thankful for that beautiful noise the Federal Q makes when it winds up.

We are thankful for the progress that has been made in the fire service when it comes to issues such as cancer and PTSD, and we pray for continued advancement on these issues. —>> Is it PTSD? via

We are thankful for the bountiful meal we will enjoy this Thursday, be it with our family, or around the firehouse table, and we remember that many of the people we interact with daily will not enjoy the same luxuries that we do.

Lastly, we want to remember the families that will be missing loved ones around the table this Thanksgiving. The families of the brothers and sister who have made the ultimate sacrifice over the past year.

In particular, we would like to remember the family of Captain Joseph “Doc” Vinacco (LODD 5 July 2016) of the Providence RI Fire Department. Several of our staff members worked with Doc in the past, and there is not a day that goes by we don’t think of him, and others fighting the battle with occupational cancer.


Happy Thanksgiving
Stay Safe and Love One Another
—The Marked Response Team